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Once your construction project is complete, you are left with a messy place that looks more like a construction site and less like a renovated property. It needs to be cleaned thoroughly before you can hand over the property to your clients. This is where Lexus Facility can help through our builders cleaning service.

Also known as after construction cleaning, after builders cleaning, move-in cleaning and entry cleaning, this process is carried out after the construction is completed. So this process is entirely different from construction cleaning.

Through our professional builders cleaning service in Melbourne, Lexus Facility can help clear out the mess and restore your construction project in no time. Whether you are a homeowner or a construction company, we assure you of a stunning cleaning service.

The Importance of Builders Cleaning

You have finished the construction work of your home/office. Your client can’t wait to move in and settle down in the new space. But the dust and debris that the construction work has left behind need immediate attention.

This is a task that’s best left to professionals. Here’s why you should delegate this task to our professional builders cleaners.

Remove all debris

Construction waste, pieces of wood, debris, dust, concrete, grime and other waste must be cleaned. Whether it is a renovation project or a new build, the entire property needs to be cleaned thoroughly and the debris disposed of securely. Our builders cleaning team is equipped with the skills and the equipment to professionally complete the task to the highest standards.

Get rid of all harmful agents

Did you know that most of the builders’ dust is silica? It’s a
natural substance that’s found in clay, rocks, sand as well as other construction materials. The construction process can generate respirable crystalline silica, which can spell danger
when inhaled. Further, the dust-build up poses the risk of a fire. Dust build-up is the breeding ground for germs and microbes. Our team will thoroughly clean the surface of all the furniture, doors, walls, storage areas and windows to get rid of all the dust that has settled on all surfaces.

Keep yourself safe

Builders often leave the site without completely cleaning the site, leaving behind a lot of debris and dust. And this task is ridden with risks. Protect your construction workers from the potential risk of cuts or any other injury when carrying out
builders cleaning. Leave it to our after-build cleaning experts and be assured of complete peace of mind.

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