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Health & Safety

We have a legal & moral responsibility for the health & safety.

Lexus Facility has a legal & moral responsibility for the health & safety of employees & subcontractors in the workplace. Lexus is committed to providing, promoting & maintaining a working environment that strives to minimize the risk to health, safety & well-being of individuals.

Safety objectives are integrated with quality & environmental objectives & targets

Health & Safety

Quality Cleaning Services

Lexus facility strives to provide quality cleaning services to a standard that exceeds customer expectations. The commitment to supplying a quality service is fundamental to Lexus’ success in the market place.

As customer service delivery is primary to business sustainability, we ensure the following activities are standard practice:

  1. Work organisation & schedules are adequately resourced, planned & communicated to
    the client prior to contract commencement;
  2. Services are performed in a disciplined manner according to operational procedures
    that ensure quality, safety & environmental standards are achieved; &
  3. Inspection & audit against contract specifications & workplace standards are
    undertaken & outcomes actions in accordance with operating procedures.
    The IMS is subject to continual improvement of systems & regulatory compliance in
    accordance with state & federal legislation.

Training records can be set with an expiry date ensuring that Induction refreshers are completed annually

Risk is anything that can impede or enhance Lexus’ ability to meet its current or future objectives.

Risk management is the culture, processes & structures that are directed towards realizing potential opportunities while managing adverse effects.

Lexus has adopted a structured & disciplined approach to risk management by implementing a risk management program in accordance with the Risk Management Standard.

We are committed to managing our activities through:

  • Using best practice in risk management to support & enhance activities in all aspects of our operations;
  • Ensuring risk management is an integral part of all decision-making processes;
  • Using a structured program to minimize reasonably foreseeable disruption to business
  • operations, harm to human resources & damage to environment or property by acceptance, reduction, avoidance or transfer;
  • Monitoring & reviewing the residual risk;
  • Providing training to employees & advice to subcontractors to implement risk management effectively; &
  • Continuously striving to improve the risk management practices & processes.
Health & Safety

Risk Management

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